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In 2023, text messages are 496.65% more likely to be read than email

Top features

SMS moduels custom built to suit the needs of real estate professionals.

Personalized Listing Images

Use your lead's personal saved search criteria to generate individualized text messages based on current IDX results & even send listing photos

Easy to use Toolbox

Easily track response rates, click through rate, ROI, and monitor usage information from anywhere - all on one screen!

Apply and Grow

Adapt iteritively with automatic A|B testing to find what works best in your market! Need something new, request a feature!

Works on all platforms

Your toolbox is fully responsive and can be accessed from your phone, tablet, or computer. Additionally, our rich MMS features work natively for leads on both Android and iPhones



Rich Multimedia Messaging Service (R-MMS)

Sending a saved search update with a listing photo is just the beggining! Deliver native video (coming soon) to easily engage leads, share your contact card effortlessly (coming soon), and invite leads to Calender events! (coming soon)

How does it work ?

We built the entire toolkit with you in mind. We know you didn't become a real estate agent to work on a computer, so we do all the tech stuff for you! Watch this video to see how you can start sending personalized texts (SMS) and rich multimedia messages to your leads in under 100 seconds!

Do the numbers add up for you ?

Of course we think it's great, we built it from the ground up. Here's what you the rest of the industry is just now starting to realize as they catch up.

“Various sources report SMS open and response rates as high as 98% and 45%, respectively — in contrast to corresponding figures of 20% and 6% for email.”


“Automated SMS sends in November decreased by 34% YoY but orders increased by nearly 1600%—proving that relevant messages via consumer-preferred channels matter.”

Omnisend, Nov. 2022 Report

“The majority of respondents (60.8%) would like the capability to text businesses back about customer support issues”

Simple Texting, 2020 TMM Report

“Pioneering SMS best practices to earn 48% average click through rates”

Postscript, Redline Case Study

Pricing plans

Simple pricing with billing that just makes sense! You pay for what you use! No hidden fees, No credit card processing fees, No long-term committment (All plans are month to month and can be canceled or modified at any time and you keep any balance you have left over) - We are adament that you should not pay for anything you don't get! Did we mention up to 100% of your balance can roll over from month to month?

Solo Agent


per month - No comittment!
No contract!
No payment method!
  • Limited to 1 user
  • 1 shared phone number
  • Trial access to R-MMS
Start for $0



minimum spend per month
  • Up to 10 users included
  • 1 dedicated number
  • Call routing to all users
  • Full Access to R-MMS
  • A/B Testing
  • Email Integration
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minimum spend per month
  • Up to 50 users
  • 50 dedicated numbers
  • Individual Call Forwarding
  • Early Access to R-MMS
  • Advanced A/B Testing
  • Email Integration
  • Dashboard Customization
  • White Labeled Reports
  • 16/6 Phone Support
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  • Message Scheduling: Set up messages that will be sent out at any time in the future - Great for you night owls! (Q2 2023)

  • Additional R-MMS module "Listings^3": Send 3 listing images + a text including a link to their search results all @ half the normal cost (Q2 2023)

  • Advanced Message Planning: Send on the right day and at the right time for your clients to maximize response and click through rates (Q2 2023)

  • Golden Prospects List: Keep your high-intent clients up to date with every new applicable listing that hits the market (Q3 2023)

  • Automated campaigns: Listing Retargeting, Registration Followup, Browse Abandonment, and more (Q3 2023)

  • Automatic segmentation based on customer responses, geographical preference, property criteria, price range, and more (Q4 2023)

  • Don't see something you need? Reqest a feature